Sam Lee is a Designer and Art Director visually communicating great ideas based in Hong Kong.

Combining the beauty of art with design thinking, I visually communicate strong ideas that are engaging, but upon further inspection, are meaningful and rich with content that has a nice balance between concept and execution.

My focus is to create exciting brands or strengthen existing ones in a way that people can understand and relate to.

If you have an idea that you would like to be communicated with beauty and clarity, we should talk.


Brand Creation

All good brands have a story. Rooted in research and strategic thinking, my process is simply to identify that story and highlight it in a way that engages the audience. Creating a brand that has impact and a point of difference is what I do best.


Brand Positioning

The challenge is to identify the position of a brand and shift it to a preferred one, which can be something from a number of things including targeting a specific audience, how the audience perceives the brand, or highlighting a story behind the business. Once you have an idea of your direction, I can help bring them to life visually.


Problem Solving

Give me a brief which states a specific problem to solve or an outcome you wish to achieve. Gaining information through research and analysis, I will work within the framework given to me and deliver the best possible solution. Success is accomplished when the design outcome creates the desired effect. 


Visual Communication

I work with you and help articulate your idea using text, images and textures in a way that your audience will understand and engage with. Let’s collaborate in communicating your story with clarity.