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Set the mood for your habitat

Ground of Notion is a highly curated collection of quality lifestyle products and decor to help you feel in your element at home, work or whichever space you are in. The brand was formed with the belief that beautiful aesthetic and intrigue can be brought to everyday objects with the goal to help people express themselves through functional, yet beautifully designed objects whether they have a subtle voice or a boisterous story to tell. WIth products that transcend seasonal and trends, this is a place where you can design your habitat through charm and warmth and set the mood of your habitat.

A complete visual identity was designed that comes together to create the mood that the brand envisioned with a warm color palette, intriguing typography pairing and dark photography with the look of oil paintings that you admire in museums.

Ground of Notion logo design
Ground of Notion logo design
Ground of Notion typography
Ground of Notion color palette design
Ground of Notion business card design
Ground of Notion outdoor poster design
Ground of Notion Tags design
Ground of Notion Packaging bag design
Ground of Notion Digital assets

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