Mise En Place Talent

Branding, Identity, Design


Be Perfectly Prepared

Mise En Place Talent provides HR and recruitment services for leading hospitality and F&B organisations around the world spanning New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.

The name being based around the culinary term of staying organised and being prepared, Mise En Place Talent brings those ideas to both job-seekers and companies in search of exceptional talent. To portray this, a clean and minimal identity has been created whilst bringing in some quirky and whimsical visuals of different foods to tie back in with both the industry focus as well as the fun and dynamic aspect of F&B.



Mise En Place is a culinary term meaning ‘to put everything in place’ and refers to the preparation, organisation and arrangement of sauces, relishes, and chopped vegetables before cooking to give a peace of mind during the making process. By visually highlighting this idea, the logo has been designed with symmetry that has been neatly arranged to bring a sense of preparedness to recruitment in the food and beverage world.


To show the unconventional and exciting side of hospitality, a range of food items has been used for photography highlighting ideas of standing out and searching for exceptional talent.

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