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Tex-Mexcellent branding for mesquite-grilled food

Tex-Mex brand that translates to ‘Crazy Uncle’, is a restaurant in Texas inspired by the fact that everybody has a crazy uncle who everyone loves and enjoys being around and who provides members with punchy food and drinks. It set itself up as a favourite go-to place for locals and whose goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable and happy.

The logo was designed by giving a face to the Crazy Uncle followed by branding that reflects the fun and casual nature of the environment with assets including patterns, illustrations and type treatment that can be used to expand the brand to various areas such as print, digital, interior and signage.

Tex-Mex brand slogan
Tex-Mex wayfinding 2
Tex-Mex wayfinding
Tex-Mex type treatment 5
Tex-Mex type treatment 4

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