Wood Roaste Coffee Packaging

Packaging, Art Direction


Packaging designed to evoke the wonders of roasting coffee beans with wood-fire.

Roasting coffee beans with wood-fire is a time honored and traditional method compared to modern approaches such as using electricity or gas as a heat source.

A set of whole coffee bean packaging has been designed for wood roasted coffee using hand-lettered typography and illustrations to reflect the rustic and organic nature of coffee as well as the hands-on approach of using wood fire.

Roasting beans with fire uses the senses of looking, smelling, and hearing. The sleeves have been printed on linen paper that has a subtle texture to highlight the senses and give the audience a tangible experience of feeling the packaging. The sleeves also use colors appropriate to the type of roast of each bag, and they open up to a poster that informs the audience of the advantages of roasting coffee with wood, such as a deeper flavor imparted with hints of smoke.

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